Marketing Research
We offer a clear understanding of your operating markets and target audience, using reliable and valid data, to empower informed decisions.
Consumer Research 

Usage; Habits; Attitude; Behaviour; Segmentation; Satisfaction.                  

Brand Research 

Awareness; Perception; Drivers; Image and Positioning, Performance tracking.

Product Research 

Product Development; Acceptance; Fulfilment; Usability tests; Concept testing.

Pricing Research

Price sensitivity; Gabor Granger analysis, Conjoint and Choice modelling.

Ad and Promotions Research

Ad Value and Identification analysis; Ad Penetration and Effectiveness.

Market Overview

Size; Structure; Trends; Competitor profiling and benchmarking.

Market Intelligence
We work with current and potential players to evaluate market opportunities and minimize entry risks; while utilizing insights on local economic conditions to profer competitive advantage.
Armed with market data, we offer go-to-market strategies under the following domains;
Market Overview

Size; Stability; Adaptations; Macro Trends and Indicators; Market Prioritization and Alternatives.           

Entry Mode Assessment

Entry Barries; FDI; Export; Franchising; Licensing. 

Market Feasibility

Drivers; Growth/Decline; PEST & SWOT Profiling; Competitve Landscape; Positioning.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Supplier/Distributor Identification; Partner Assessment; On-site Inspection.

Social Research
We approach social research on the credo that we live in dynamic and inter-connected world; where a change in one aspect of social life can lead to changes in other aspets, and these changes can be measured and monitored.

Youth Development

  • Understand youth aspiration, motivations and attitude. 
  • Promote youth engagement and collective action. 
  • Engage Vulnerable groups.


  • Develop Models for healthcare programs. 
  • Promote awareness and adoption. 
  • Monitor and improve patient satisfaction. 

Diversity and Representation:

  • Promote awareness on the diversity gap.
  • Develop an inclusion/diversity action plan. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of intervention plans.
  • Promote equity and representation. 

Youth Development:

  • Stimulate youthe aspirations, motivations, and attitude.
  • Promote youth engagement and collective action.  
  • Engage Vulnerable groups.